How To Start A Research Paper On Abortion Properly

The process of beginning a paper on a topic as sensitive as abortion can be quite intimidating for students. However, there are a couple of easy tips and tricks that the student can follow in order to churn out a good quality introduction. They are presented below.

Focus on the research assignment

Before you actually begin writing the introduction to your paper on abortion, you need to become fully aware about what the subject entails. Your paper should not serve as a platform for you to express your opinion on the topic. Since abortion is a highly critical matter, it is expected that the controversy be addressed in clear and certain terms. But unless your assignment has specifically asked for your personal opinion, you should never share it, especially not in the beginning section of your paper. You should also take the time to understand other aspects of your paper which will allow you to open with a bang.

Understanding the research subject

You must carefully understand what the assigned topic on abortion is and check whether or not it’s an open-ended one. If yes, then you need to select a more specific topic other than simply “abortion”. The more particular and focused you are about the topic, the easier you will find to compose a good opening, one that effectively captures the attention of the readers.

When it comes to drawing inspiration from sources, make sure you have realistic expectations from the required sources. The number of sources you need to use for crafting a decent opening will depend on the subject matter.


The format of your paper is also going to determine how best to flesh out the introduction of your paper. If it’s a long paper, then you can go into the tiniest details in order to give the paper more context but if it’s a short paper, you’ll only have space to touch upon the highlights of your work on abortion and combine them into a comprehensive whole.

Organization skills

When you actually begin writing the paper, you must stay focused and not veer into other directions. The introduction is not the place for digression. If you have all the points properly presented in front of you, it becomes easier to write a good introduction. Look over the final piece to alter any misspellings or errors.


Format & Styles

Topic Ideas