How To Manage With Multiple Assignments In Time

Life can throw many curveballs at us and, unfortunately for you, having multiple essays due at around the same time is a common one for many students. We like to think that this is your professor or teacher’s way of having some fun, to see students straining to get their assignments done in time. However, you do not need to give your teacher the pleasure of seeing your struggle with our handy assignment help guide on how to manage with multiple assignments in time!


The first course of matter, when you have to manage multiple assignments at once, is your scheduling. Since you may have two or more assignments due, it is highly recommended that you create a timetable that is adhered to strictly. When you receive your workload, look ahead a few weeks in your schedule, and clear anything that is not important from your schedule.

For the time being, your life should only be occupied with writing and working on your assignments. Just kidding! You should definitely make an effort to relax in your down time, but the priority should be to complete your assignments on time, and this can only be achieved through creating a rigid schedule.


So, say, for example, that you have two essays due at around the same time, or if your have really caught the short end of the straw, on the same day. One of your essays is worth 10% of your module, while the other is worth 45%. Well, in this case, it makes sense to focus more on the assignment that is worth 45%. However, be careful to not lose focus of the other assignment, and not to neglect it entirely.


Procrastination is perhaps the number one reason why students perform below par in their assignments. To counteract this, we strongly recommend that you put your phone on airplane mode, and disconnect your computer or laptop from the Internet. It is also recommended that you put your phone as far away from yourself as physically possible. This way, you won’t be tempted to look at your friends’ social media, and seeing them enjoying their life, while you are stuck inside studying!

Online Agencies

If you really feel that you stretched for time, or cannot adequately complete your essay to a good standard, then it might be a good idea to contact someone who does a writing job online, namely writing agencies. These agencies post online writing job for students, and so you can have your assignments done by students who have experience in your subject area.

As you can see, there is considerable planning involved in completing multiple assignments on time. However, with this guide, you shall no longer have to pull your hair out over this dilemma.


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