How To Write A Good Thesis Statement For A Term Paper - Tips And Examples

The thesis statement is the heart of your paper it is the part of your essay that explains what your paper is all about. Every paper should include a thesis statement. It is usually the most difficult sentence to formulate because you have to include what to write about and the reasons behind it. It is a one sentence summary of your whole paper. It is a map that explains to your reader what cases you will make to prove your point. A thesis statement has to state the point that you are making and an idea of the main points that you will use to prove it.


  • Formulate it after creating an outline. You will have found your main topic and point and the main supporting ideas. You should be able to easily formulate it from a good outline.
  • Your thesis has to be distinguishable. If you put it as the last sentence of your introduction, it may be easy to find.
  • However, you should be able to put it anywhere and find that your reader can point it out. Words like “because” help distinguish your thesis so be sure to add one of these words.
  • Your thesis should be only a sentence or two in length. It should not be longer than that because you don’t want to explain your reasoning.
  • It should be very narrow and speak specifically of what your paper should be on. You would choose one topic to write about extensively.

  • Examples:

  • When writing a thesis statement it is important to explain your reasoning, be specific, and make sure it is distinguishable.
  • The program is an effective one because it gives the necessary services to the children, it is cost effective, and it can be staffed easily.
  • There are many children’s programs on television that are educational. There are several key factors that make it qualify as an educational program including whether it teaches children motor skills, is emotionally safe for children, and focuses on academic and intellectual growth.
  • As you can see, writing a thesis statement does not have to be an elaborate event. You just simply make your point and then give your basis reasoning. It helps set up your paper. Each of the paragraphs in the body will explain one of these reasons.


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